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Discover the unique charm of Laphrooaig 10 Year Old Whiskey, a Scotch malt that will transport you to the misty shores of Scotland with every sip. With its distinctive smoky flavor, the result of fire-drying peat, and maturing on the shores of the Atlantic for a decade, this Single Malt captures the very essence of the sea. With only three ingredients: yeast, water and barley, and the special touch of the people who create it, Laphroaig is much more than a whiskey; It is an authentic and exciting experience that you will not want to miss. Immerse yourself in the world of Laphroaig and discover the magic of its Scottish heritage.


Originating in the western part of Scotland, this robust and complex malt is the fruit of centuries of distilling tradition. Like a dance of flavors on the palate, Laphroaig is distinguished by its peat fire drying process, which infuses each sip with an unmistakably delicious flavor.

Meticulously crafted that spans two distillation phases, this elixir is elevated even further during a decade of maturation in Kentucky oak barrels, caressed by the salty breezes of the Atlantic Ocean. The result is a masterpiece of nuances, with smoky notes and a subtle touch of iodine that evokes the freshness of the sea.

Classified as a Single Malt, Laphroaig is made up of just three ingredients: yeast, water and barley. However, its true secret lies in the soul of the community that creates it. Each drop of this elixir contains the spirit and passion of generations of artisans, whose legacy lives on in each bottle.

Immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience with Laphroaig whiskey and discover why, beyond its ingredients, its true essence resides in the heart of its town. Enter the world of Laphroaig and let its story of tradition, quality and authenticity transport you to the misty lands of Scotland.

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