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Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve

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Discover the youth and talent of Yamazaki with The Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve. This sweet and easy-to-enjoy whiskey is a true gem, made from whiskeys less than 10 years old aged in French oak barrels from Bordeaux and Sherry, which provide a unique complexity.

Mizunara wood, with its characteristic Japanese spicy character, harmonizes the whole, adding a distinctive touch to this tasting experience. The Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve is a blend of several award-winning Yamazaki whiskeys, released in the spring of 2014. What sets this whiskey apart is its finishing in Mizunara casks, something rare for the Suntory distillery.


Immerse yourself in the exceptional elegance and finesse of Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve Single Malt whiskey, made by the venerable Yamazaki distillery, the oldest in Japan.

This magnificent Single Malt Whiskey is produced with meticulously selected malts and water of unrivaled purity from the Kyoto region. After a painstaking fermentation and distillation process, this Japanese single malt whiskey has been matured in a unique combination of Sherry wine casks, Mizunara Japanese oak casks and Bordeaux wine casks, giving it a fruity flavor that defies the conventions of whiskey. whiskey world

Amber in color with golden highlights, Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve Single Malt whiskey seduces with a complex nose, displaying aromas of raspberries, sour strawberries and stone fruits, followed by notes of candied citrus, cardamom, vanilla and incense. On the palate, this single malt whiskey offers a perfect balance, with a deep symphony of fruity flavors complemented by spicy nuances, and a persistent and balsamic finish with citrus touches that will delight your senses.

Let yourself be carried away by the incomparable sensory experience of Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve Single Malt whiskey and discover the perfection distilled in every sip.

Volume: 43%

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