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Amadeus Treixadura

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Amadeus Treixadura is an elegant white wine from the D.O. Ribeiro, made with the native Treixadura grape. It offers intense aromas of white and stone fruits, with a complex, unctuous palate and a long finish.

Discover the authentic expression of the Treixadura grape with Amadeus Treixadura, an exceptional white wine from the D.O. Ribeiro. This wine is the result of a careful selection of Treixadura grapes, a native Galician variety known for its quality and unique character. Grown on the slopes of Ribeiro, the grapes benefit from an ideal microclimate and soils rich in minerals that provide complexity to the wine.

On the nose, Amadeus Treixadura captivates with an aromatic intensity that combines notes of white fruits, such as apple and pear, with aromas of stone fruits, such as peach and apricot. Subtle floral touches and a delicate mineral background complete the olfactory experience. In the mouth, it presents itself with an elegant structure and an unctuous palate, with balanced acidity that provides freshness and a long and persistent finish.


Its complexity and elegance make it perfect to accompany fish, seafood, rice, pasta with white sauces, goat cheese and poultry.

Amadeus Treixadura is an invitation to explore the richness and winemaking tradition of Ribeiro through a unique variety.

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