Diez de los mejores vinos de las Rias Baixas del año

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Ten of the best wines of the Rias Baixas of the year

A selection of ten Albariño grape wines, all from the 2017 vintage, from the new vintage that has just hit the market and with a common characteristic: time in bottle will make them even better. Yes, because white wines improve in the bottle and because consumers should know that a white does not have to be of the year. Of course, also those who recommend wines in their catering business should have a little more knowledge. Ten months have passed since the harvest and these preparations are about to reach their best and will keep that level in the bottle at least until well into next year. They are all high quality wines from Rias Baixas.

Pazo Barrantes

Always, it's always magnificent. In addition to being, with that outstanding fruit load, balance, the sensation of perfect acidity and a refinement to be enjoyed for a long time.

Points: 91


Almost as if it were a fruit salad, with notes of tropical fruit, white fruit and citrus in a very balanced set and with a sensation of softness and finesse in the mouth. Outstanding.

Points: 91

Lagar de Cervera

Shades of stone fruits, white fruits and a remarkable citrus background of lemon leaf. Next to his sweet mouth we enjoy his breadth and freshness, together with a well-integrated acidity.

Points: 90


Greater freshness, greater finesse, greater acidity sensation. Better wine Very good sample, with a perfect point of flavor and already in a perfect time to be drunk and enjoyed.

Points: 90

Albariño from Fefiñanes

The best of the new vintage in the region. A superior being. Elegance and character It was and is a pleasure. He has everything to make us happy.

Points: 92

Pazo San Mauro

He has achieved the joy without shadows that he was expected to achieve for a long time. Citrus notes wrapped in finesse, the sensation of just acidity and a good volume.

Points: 90

CdeS Lías

It has character, a distinct personality, a lot of fruity sensation, as it should be, and a certain inclination to freshness. Oblivious to the usual elaborations of albariño and with time to live.

Points: 91


A certain character, a lot of freshness, some mineral trace and some contained citrus notes make up this sample that lives sure of itself. You get more consistency and elegance.

Points: 91

Terras Gauda

Aromas of ripe peach, pineapple, tangerine citrus, mineral memories. In the mouth the first impression is that of a wine of great character but at the same time fresh and youthful.

Points: 90


It maintains the line of previous vintages, where you live through balance thanks to a grape of quality and very well treated in the cellar. He has room to become a superior being.

Points: 91

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